New multi-year contract AMAG components strengthens ties with Ruag Aerostructures

Signing of the multi-year contract between Ruag Aerostructures and AMAG components ©AMAG

Headquartered in Übersee am Chiemsee, Germany, AMAG components, formerly Aircraft Philipp (ACP) now a fully owned subsidiary of AMAG Austria Metall AG, has signed a multi-year contract with Ruag Aerostructures to supply parts and components mainly for the Airbus A320. While both parties have agreed not to disclose the full details of the agreement, AMAG components is now able to secure the existing scope of supply for years to come and obtain additional orders for new parts and assemblies. The deal is understood to have a value in the region of €100 million (£8.3 million).

“This important and successful contract with our long-standing customer Ruag Aerostructures in Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany is a wonderful confirmation of our clear focus on high-quality special products, as well as our reliability when it comes to delivery assurance and service,” said Gerald Mayer, CEO of AMAG Austria Metall AG.

In addition to the technical requirements for the products, which are primarily used in the Airbus A320 Single-Aisle-Programme, the focus was also on reducing the use of raw materials in production. AMAG components has a reputation for the production and supply of complex individual aircraft components made from aluminium and titanium. The company has considerable experience in successful material recycling through the adoption of closed materials cycles. The chips and cuttings produced in machining are recycled at AMAG Austria Metall AG’s headquarters in Ranshofen, helping to minimise the carbon footprint in the aviation industry.

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