Mesa Airlines signs contract to procure ExxonMobil aviation lubricants across fleet

Mesa Airlines ©ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil has released that Mesa Airlines has signed a five-year contract with Boeing Distribution (formerly Aviall) to procure ExxonMobil aviation lubricants across its entire fleet. Mesa Airlines, which will use Mobil Jet™ Oil II and Mobil™ HyJet™ IV-Aplus for its fleet of over 160 aircraft, cited the ability to stabilise price points and simplify its supply chain with a reliable supplier as a key reason for entering the contract.

As a regional air carrier that operates in over 100 cities, Mesa Airlines was looking to reduce its expenditures and simplify its supply chain to avoid the fluctuation of prices over time. Specifically, with current events driving price increases across every industry’s supply chain, the airline’s procurement team wanted to find a way to stabilise price points, eliminate exposure to impacts of inflation, and secure a dependable source of product so the airline could focus on maximizing profits.

To achieve these goals, Mesa Airlines’ partner Boeing Distribution recommended a contract with ExxonMobil based on its reputation as a reliable supplier with quality products that could meet Mesa Airlines’ price and on-time delivery demands. ExxonMobil’s proven industry leadership and trustworthy supply capabilities gave Mesa Airlines extra confidence in its decision to procure ExxonMobil aviation lubricants across its fleet.

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