SITA Airport Technology helps Athens International Airport streamline its operations


SITA has completed the implementation of its airport management solution at Athens International Airport, delivering significantly improved airport processes, as well as operational and cost efficiencies.

Using SITA’s Airport Management, Athens International Airport is, for the first time, able to share key operational data by opening its Airport Operating Database to its stakeholders – airlines, government agencies, air navigation service providers, and other entities – providing all parties with the same real-time, data-rich view of the airport.

Sharing event milestones, airport stakeholders have an extremely precise view of how various activities across the airport are integrated and can impact the overall operation. The airport operations team can, for example, see when a flight has departed from its destination, with better visibility of the expected arrival time in Athens. This allows the airport to plan ground operations more efficiently, assigning aircraft parking stands, gates, and other resources, ensuring on-time performance and avoiding unnecessary delays.  

The system provides configurability like no other on the market. The newly launched system has already proven its value during the heavy snowstorms earlier this year – an unusual event for Athens that called for extensive de/anti-icing of aircraft. Within hours the Athens airport team managed to configure the tracking grid so that all stakeholders could plan the de/anti-icing processes effectively.

With a web-enabled application in place, the airport is also able to quickly inform and deploy employees and equipment where they are needed most, while gathering real-time data on tasks completed – data that is shared with all stakeholders. The airport can now better plan key activities such as push-back times and align with air traffic control for on-time performance, avoiding long wait times on taxiways and runways.

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