AAR signs marketing partnership agreement with ProvenAir Technologies

AAR, a leading provider of aviation services to commercial and government operators, MROs and OEMs, has signed a marketing partnership agreement with ProvenAir Technologies to enhance the digital solutions available to AAR customers.

ProvenAir’s digital solution leverages advanced technologies to analyse and dynamically generate back-to-birth (BtB) trace history for life limited parts. ProvenAir automates the BtB process to save aviation customers time, increase records quality, shorten the sales cycle, ease aircraft transitions, and increase the residual value of used serviceable material.

“AAR continues to focus on digital solutions that enhance and differentiate our offerings. We are impressed by ProvenAir’s technology and have been able to realize internal efficiencies from utilising ProvenAir for our own parts supply and landing gear needs,” said Rahul S. Ghai, AAR Chief Digital Officer. “Leveraging our global sales team to connect aircraft owners and operators with ProvenAir for the benefit of our customers is a natural progression of our relationship.”

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