Safran rolls out XATIS software

Safran Engineering Services has rolled out “XATIS”, its complex system design optimisation software. The software is tailored to assist systems architects in reducing the number of product development cycles, thanks to Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE).

XATIS is a software tool for modelling complex integrated systems, from the requirements gathering phase, through the specification stage and right up to the preliminary design. It is based on the CESAM modelling methodology, the aim of which is to manage complexity through graphic representations of the system from multiple complementary perspectives, in order to expand upon its conventional textual description. 

XATIS is used for developing various architectures, comparing them and selecting the best one, taking into account the constraints of production engineering, operations, maintenance and decommissioning of the system. The ground-breaking aspect of the software is that it permits a collaborative architecture; that is to say, it is based on the active contribution and co-ordination of all of the teams involved in the design of the new product. Moreover, XATIS improves the monitoring of traceability links between the customer requirements and the technical solutions offered, thus providing greater knowledge of the impact analyses, should there be a change in requirements.

More than 350 systems architects at Safran are already making good use of the software, which is now established on the market as a proven and mature solution, that can be used in all sectors of activity. What’s more, the company has developed a user support service offering and is continuing to develop its software with the addition of new functionalities.

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