Leonardo introduces C-27J Spartan Next Generation with new Fire Fighter configuration

©Leonardo's C-27J Spartan Next Generation with new Fire Fighter configuration

Leonardo’s C-27J Spartan Next Generation reaffirms its versatility for multi-mission capabilities with a new Fire Fighter configuration, equipped with a second generation, roll-on/roll-off Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS II).

Dealing with environmental emergencies is an increasingly complex challenge that requires integrated problem-solving management and the implementation of multiple, latest-generation, strategic and technological tools to protect people and the territory.

The Fire Fighter configuration proposed by Leonardo is a flexible solution, ideal for enhancing the capabilities of the C-27J Next Generation multi-mission aircraft and has significantly lower purchasing and operating costs than a dedicated firefighting platform.

The system consists in the installation of a removable tank with a capacity of over 8,000 litres of water or 7,600 litres of fire-retardant liquid in the aircraft’s cargo bay. A complete set of tools that includes a pressurised tank, an outlet nozzle, a pressurised door, and a ground support system.

In around 90 minutes, the C-27J can be transformed from a tactical transport aircraft to an aerial firefighter, thanks to the palletised Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS II), developed by United Aeronautical Corporation, a world leader in advanced aerial application systems.

But this solution is not just limited to fighting wildfires, it can also be used for prevention. In fact, the “reclamation” of high-risk territories, which are identified using existing or Leonardo’s in-house prevention, control and early warning systems, can be performed from the C-27J Fire Fighter by dropping water over an extensive surface area, reducing the possibility of a wildfire outbreak in fire-prone areas.

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