Bombardier unveils Mach 0.94, 8,000nm-range Global 8000 flagship aircraft

The Global 8000 jet ©Bombardier

Bombardier has introduced its latest business jet, the Global 8000, which should enter into service in 2025. The Global 8000 with its twin GE Aviation Passport engines will be the world’s fastest and longest-range business jet. The jet will be able to fly at Mach 0.94, will have a range of 8,000 nautical miles and will provide passengers with one of the lowest cabin altitudes of 2,900 ft when flying at 41,000 feet.

During testing, the jet reached speeds of Mach 1.015, making it not only the fastest business jet, but also the fastest in civil aviation since the days of Concorde. Additionally, during its demonstration flight it became the first Transport Category aircraft using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to fly supersonic. With its spacious four personalised suites ergonomically designed to maximise space and freedom of movement, the Global 8000 aircraft also incorporates revolutionary features introduced on the Global 7500 aircraft that have substantially improved passenger comfort, including the Soleil circadian lighting system to help counteract jet lag. The combination of the innovative Nuage seat and the first-ever zero-gravity position, passengers will be able to arrive at their destinations both revitalised and refreshed.

The Global 8000 aircraft also has an available Principal Suite with a full-size bed and a stand-up shower in the en-suite. For current Global 7500 operators, the performance enhancements on the Global 8000 will be retrofittable when the aircraft enters into service in 2025.

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