Pentagon 2000SQL™ cloud deployment

Pentagon 2000 Software, a leading provider of fully-integrated MRO and ERP software solutions for the Aerospace & Defence industry, supports application deployment on leading cloud service provider platforms. For companies that prefer on-cloud deployment over on-premises deployment, cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web services offer hosting services to meet individual company needs.

The popular Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS offerings, may be configured with various amounts of server processor, RAM memory, disk storage capacity and network bandwidth. Upgrading cloud resources is generally quick and easy and can often be done without impacting users or taking the application out of service while the resource upgrade is performed.

Benefits to Pentagon 2000SQL™ customers that utilise IaaS from a cloud provider include high levels of system and network availability, reduced cost and complexity of local IT resources, automatic system security patches and 24x7x365 management of the system and network infrastructure.

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