Bii signs exclusive lease lease-and and-exchange agreement with European Air Charter, a leading provider of aircraft parts and services for the commercial aviation sector, has signed an exclusive lease-and-exchange agreement with Bulgarian airline European Air Charter (EAC). The three-year deal, which will ultimately comprise 10% of Bii’s A320 inventory, will also see the company undertaking repair management for the airline. The inventory of modern A320 components will be divided between Sofia, Bulgaria and Germany for accessibility and will support the airline’s fleet of six A320s operating charter flights from eight cities in Germany to destinations in Egypt, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy and others. 

“Bii will be offering full support for all assets on lease,” commented Francis Cradock, CEO – Bii.  “Our services are an ideal fit for EAC as we have the infrastructure in place to accommodate all their requirements whilst still offering a comprehensive personal service to the airline; Bii will be responsible for all exchanges and repairs for all components under the lease.” The stock, which was shipped from Bii’s London warehouse at the end of April, is on lease to EAC with all future repairs being managed by Bii. Bulgarian airline European Air Charter and have signed a lease-and-exchange agreement Photo:

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