AAR announces implementation of Airvolution® digital repair cycle management tool with Textron Aviation Defense

AAR CORP. has announced the implementation of Airvolution®, AAR’s customisable, cloud-based, end-to-end repair cycle management (RCM) tool focused on optimising the administration of aircraft component repairs — at Textron Aviation Defense.

Airvolution® was designed by AAR to meet the demands and challenges of the aviation supply chain by enhancing aviation repair teams’ management efficiencies, reducing operational costs, maximizing productivity, improving component availability, and streamlining supplier performance management.

“The launch of Airvolution®is the most recent example of AAR’s focus on developing digital technologies to increase efficiencies and decrease operational costs of our customers,” said Rahul S. Ghai, AAR’s Chief Digital Officer. “Implementation of this product with Textron Aviation Defense demonstrates AAR’s commitment to helping our customers better achieve their goals by providing cutting-edge applications and we look forward to offering the product to AAR’s other customers and end users.”

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