Daher unveils the Kodiak 900 aircraft

The Kodiak 900 in flight with Daher’s latest version of its TBM very fast turboprop aircraft – the TBM 960 ©Daher

The Kodiak 900 has made its world debut at AirVenture Oshkosh on July 25, with Daher’s introduction of this larger, faster version of the robust and rugged Kodiak 100 – filling out the company’s airplane product line in joining the TBM 910 and TBM 960 very-fast turboprop aircraft.

Inheriting the Kodiak 100’s remarkable qualities as a back country STOL (short take-off and landing) and multi-role airplane, the Kodiak 900 marks a further step with its fuselage length extension of 3.9 feet to provide more passenger room and cargo space, a cruise speed increase to 210 KTAS and a greater useful load while offering a maximum range of 1,129 nm.

In addition to these enhancements, the Kodiak 900’s operating economics have been improved, with a nine-percent reduction in specific fuel consumption – which are in double digits when compared to competitors. This lowers the cost-per-seat-mile and the direct operating costs for commercial operators.

The Kodiak 900 was certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on July 20 and deliveries will begin in 2023. Production of the Kodiak 900, along with the Kodiak 100 in its latest Series III version, is performed at the Sandpoint, Idaho facility of Daher’s Aircraft division.

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