SkySelect provides eProcurement-as-a-service platform to Azul Brazilian Airlines

Now, more than at any other point in commercial aviation’s history, it’s imperative for airlines to be cost-conscious and efficient. Airlines have been faced with the ebbs and flows of passenger demand, congested airports, supply chain issues and socio-political issues while trying to maintain operations as usual with a shrinking labour force. That’s why the airlines that are the fastest to adopt digital technologies and processes will be the ones to come out on top and flourish instead of simply surviving. Azul Brazilian Airlines (Azul) took an enormous step forward by innovating its MRO department by reshaping how it procures aircraft parts.

By moving its parts procurement onto SkySelect’s ePaaS, within just two months, Azul has been experiencing superior results, including substantial cost savings of 6%, 95% on-time delivery performance and automating the purchasing of 65% of the material requirements from request-to-delivery. SkySelect’s unique ePaaS model combines experts and technology, overcoming the slow technology adoption problem and bringing instant access to artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and the cloud to enhance the visibility of the aircraft parts’ supply chain.

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