Major boost for Gulfstream 400 programme as P&W Canada PW812GA gets type certification

©Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW812GA engine has received type certification from Transport Canada

Pratt & Whitney Canada, an offshoot of Pratt & Whitney, has announced it has received Type Certification from Transport Canada Civil Aviation for its PW812GA engine. This engine was chosen in in October 2021 to power the latest Gulfstream G400TM business jet. Once operational, the G400 will be the third Gulfstream jet to be powered by Pratt & Whitney engines.

The Gulfstream G500 is powered by the PW814GA and entered into service in 2018, while the G600 is powered by the PW815GA which entered into service in 2019. GA stands for ‘General Aviation’ and the PW800 engines share multiple commonalities with the P&W GTF (Geared Turbofan) engine which has clocked up over 2.2 million flight hours.

“When we designed the PW800 engine, we did so with all of the engine’s key stakeholders in mind – passengers, pilots and maintenance crews,” said Edward Hoskin, Vice President, Engineering. “The PW800 has numerous inherent advantages and functionalities to ensure best-in-class availability and to create an exceptional engine response. It also sets the industry standard for maintenance, requiring 40% less scheduled maintenance and 20% fewer inspections than other engines in its class.”

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