Topcast wins exclusive distribution agreement from Av-DEC

Topcast, the aircraft parts distributor and MRO service provider, has won an exclusive distribution agreement of products from Aviation Devices & Electronic Components, LLC (Av-DEC), the innovative anti-corrosion solution provider. Upon the contract signed as of the first day of MRO Asia-Pacific 2022, Topcast will represent all corrosion-prevention products engineered by Av-DEC to customers in South-East Asia.

Corrosion is a gradual deterioration of a material’s surface through chemical reactions and is a threat to all aircraft, as they operate in extreme environments that speed up corrosion. This problem can be extremely costly to aircraft operators in parts overhaul and replacement if no preventative measures are taken.

Av-DEC offers comprehensive, adaptive, and economical solutions with a wide array of form factors to mitigate the corrosion concern. Carefully engineered HI-TAK® gaskets, injectable and sprayable sealants, and HI-TAK® polyurethane rolled sealants (PRS®) are ideal products for protecting aircraft structures and parts from corrosion, appliable to all kinds of flight vehicles.

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