Boeing, Red 6 to advance fighter pilot training with augmented reality

Boeing will team with Red6 on advanced training technology ©Boeing

Boeing and augmented reality developer Red 6 have announced that they are collaborating to develop leading-edge aerial dogfighting technology and training in advanced tactical aircraft. Boeing is the first company to team with Red 6 on this type of advanced training technology.

The joint agreement sets the stage for future integration of Red 6’s advanced tactical augmented reality system (ATARS), and augmented reality command and analytic data environment (ARCADE) into Boeing manufactured next-generation aircraft. The T-7 and F-15EX platforms could be among the first to receive ATARS and ARCADE.

Using the system, pilots will be able to see and interact with augmented reality aircraft, targets and threats on the ground or in the air while flying and training in their actual aircraft, reducing the cost of and need for multiple platforms and ‘real world training exercises.’

“We continue to revolutionize the way we train and fight. Red 6’s augmented reality system with the pathfinding T-7 and the F-15EX represents another transformational leap in capability. This agreement is the latest example of Boeing’s commitment to investing in technology and our drive to lead innovation in the aerospace and defence sectors,” said Dan Gillian, Vice President and General Manager of U.S. Government Services for Boeing Global Services. 

According to Red 6, ATARS enables a multitude of tactical training scenarios delivered through augmented reality. These include air combat manoeuvres, refuelling, tactical formation and surface-to-air weapon engagements. ARCADE increases the efficiency of mission planning, briefing and debriefing through real-time 3-D visualisations to construct and re-construct sorties.

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