Czech Airlines Technics signs new long-term agreement with Transavia Airlines

©Czech Airlines Technics

The high quality of the services provided has earned Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) long-term co-operation with Transavia Airlines. The new maintenance agreement, in effect from the beginning of September, also includes the new A320neo-type of aircraft and covers the co-operation over the next five years, i.e., until August 31, 2027.

Over the past years of co-operation, Czech Airlines Technics has performed multi-level overhauls during 267 aircraft visits for Transavia. “We have to highlight the excellent nature of our co-operation both at the management level of the two companies and on the premises of our hangar, where our maintenance managers meet with the technical representatives of our client during the maintenance season. The above-standard personal relations of both parties certainly contribute to the successful course of the base maintenance visits,” said Petr Doberský Chairman of the Czech Airlines Technics Board of Directors.

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