Welcome to the AviTrader MRO December 2019 edition

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Welcome to the AviTrader MRO December 2019 edition

In the final edition of the year, we look back on some of the key trends that shaped the MRO and aftermarket industry from the grounding of the 737 MAX and the implication for MRO to the use of new materials and technologies and adapting to those changes.
Also, included in the cover story:

  • The noticeable disruptor's in the MRO /Aftermarket over the past year
  • Changing composition of the global fleet
  • Trendsetting processes in aircraft maintenance
  • Challenges facing the MRO and aftermarket sectors in 2020
Company Profile: Setna iO
Industry Opinion: Does your coating thickness meet Spec?

In addition, we have all the usual news on airframes, engines, components, IT, lessors, finance, facilities, industry people and much more.

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