Welcome to the AviTrader MRO February 2020 edition

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Welcome to the AviTrader MRO February 2020 edition

The global aircraft wheels & brakes market has experienced significant growth in line with expanded aircraft fleets. In this issue we examine the new advances in braking technologies coming online and how the sector is poised for change.
Also, included in the cover story:
  • Rotable parts in the wheels & brakes repair and overhaul
  • Opportunities for carbon brake technologies
  • Diagnosis and treatment of wear and tear on wheel & brake components
Cargo conversions: The freighter conversions market continues to boom in the wake of a global decline in demand for air cargo transport.
In the hot seat…. Boris Wolstenholme, Chief Strategy Officer, AJW Group
Industry One on One: Jeff Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer at Joramco talks about his role at the Jordanian based MRO, the business landscape and future opportunities.

In addition, we have all the usual news on airframes, engines, components, IT, lessors, finance, facilities, industry people and much more.

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