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Monday, July 27th, 2020

FAA issues Emergency Directive over potential Boeing 737 NG and Classic dual-engine failure

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued an emergency airworthiness directive relating to potential corrosion problems on parked-up Boeing 737 NG and Classic jets that could lead to catastrophic dual-engine failure if not immediately addressed.

The problems involve approximately 2,000 of the 737 variants which have been parked up as consequence of the devastating effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on domestic and international air travel. Subsequent to receiving reports of four single-engine shutdowns on parked jets, inspectors discovered corrosion-compromised air check valves, prompting them to issue the emergency directive applicable to any of the jets which had been parked up for seven or more consecutive days.

The FAA has made it clear that if any corrosion is found on further inspections, any affected valves must be immediately replaced prior to flying the jet. According to Reuters news agency, the FAA said the directive is to address corrosion of the engine bleed air fifth-stage check valves for both engines. The agency said that this could result in compressor stalls and dual-engine power loss without the ability to restart.

Boeing announced last Friday that it had recommended operators to inspect all their planes, adding that: “with airplanes being stored or used infrequently due to lower demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, the valve can be more susceptible to corrosion.”


S7 Technics to start producing tactile stickers in Braille for aircraft interiors

S7 Technics specialists are the first in Russia who have released sets of stickers in Braille, which will be used to equip the cabins of aircraft of Russian airlines.

In accordance with the Order of the Russian Ministry of Transport No. 290 dated 02.08.2018, which sets out the requirements of the Federal Agency for Air Transport of the Russian Federation (Rosaviatsia) for aircraft purchased on the basis of contracts concluded after January 1, 2020 by operators carrying out commercial passenger transportation. According to these requirements, the rows of passenger seats and the doors of toilet rooms in the cabin of aircraft must be marked with tactile markings.

Most of the time in the stickers production cycle is spent on the development and preparation of engineering and technical documentation, this is done by the S7 Technics design bureau at Novosibirsk. The stickers are printed on a special film approved by the aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus using a piezoelectric spray method. On average, there are about 160 stickers per aircraft.

American Express to make payment to IAG Loyalty of approximately £750 million

International Airlines Group (IAG) has extended its worldwide commercial partnership with American Express.

Under the agreement American Express will make a payment to IAG Loyalty of approximately £750 million, a significant part of which is a pre-purchase of Avios points that American Express will utilise in the U.K. and world-wide for its British Airways co-branded cards and Membership Rewards Programme.

IAG Loyalty is a subsidiary of International Airlines Group that offers a wide range of services to IAG airlines and business-to-business clients. These include the Avios reward currency for the British Airways Executive Club, Iberia Plus, Aer Club and Vueling Club customer programmes and loyalty management tools.

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HEATCON® signs manufacturing and licensing agreement with Cornerstone Research Group for DIRT Bag™

HEATCON®, a market leader in composite repair solutions and material supply, has entered into an agreement with Cornerstone Research Group (CRG) to license CRG’s Deployable Isolation Repair Technology (DIRT BagTM) Products for manufacture and distribution.

The DIRT BagTM provides composite repair technicians with an off-the-shelf solution to provide contamination and environmental control during the repair process. During damage removal, the DIRT BagTM keeps contaminants from entering the surrounding environment and can be used with HEPA vacuum systems. The DIRT BagTM can also be used during the repair layup or curing process to keep outside contaminants from entering the repair area, and can be used with environmental control units that provide temperature and humidity controlled air to the enclosed area.

The DIRT BagTM is used by both military and commercial aircraft repair organizations, is listed in Boeing structural repair manuals and the F-35 General Use Consumables List (GUCL), and can be used for other applications where contamination control is needed. It can be set up in minutes and can be customized for each repair or coating removal situation.

Volga-Dnepr Airlines delivers two Mi-8 helicopters for Malaysian Fire Fighting

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has delivered two helicopters from Almaty, Kazakhstan, to Kuala Lumpur for PT Komala Indonesia to support Malaysian seasonal wildfire-fighting efforts.

The two Mi-8 helicopters, weighing more than 20 tons, were delivered together with spare parts, instruments, and accessories by one of Volga-Dnepr’s IL-76TD-90VDs. To optimize the choice of aircraft which Volga-Dnepr Airlines provides to its customers, the helicopters were disassembled to meet loading requirements.

Through thirty years of operating one of the world’s most diverse fleets including An-124-100s, Il-76TD-90VDs, B747-400F/-8Fs, and B737-400SFs/800BCFs - Volga-Dnepr has a reputation for air charter transportation of helicopters. Whilst there has been a gradual rise in requirements due to changing environmental demands, Volga-Dnepr also has expertise in delivering helicopters for humanitarian, rescue, and offshore purposes, averaging to now nearly 45 machines carried per year.


Embraer develops cargo transportation solutions for commercial aircraft

With the significant decline in the number of airline passengers and the booming demand for air cargo capacity, Embraer has developed cargo transportation solutions for its line of commercial aircraft. With fewer commercial flights, which carry both passengers and freight, there’s a critical need for more cargo space.

ANAC, Brazil’s civil aviation regulatory authority, has granted exemption for the carriage of additional freight on Embraer passenger aircraft. Embraer published Technical Dispositions for the ERJ 145 and E-Jets families of commercial jets, including the E-Jets E2s, which explain how to accommodate cabin freight. A Service Bulletin is available for the EMB 120.

In addition to placing small packages in overhead bins and stowage compartments, cargo items can be placed on each seat, subject to certain restrictions. The payload capacity is significant. For example, a fully loaded 96-seat E190 can carry 6,720 lb (3 metric tonnes) of cabin freight in addition to under floor cargo. A 118-seat E195 can carry 8,260 lb (3.75 metric tonnes).

Customers can opt for a floor-mounted freight configuration if their cargo cannot fit on passenger seats. This solution permits the removal of up to 70% of the passenger seats, with the remaining areas accommodating for items on the cabin floor. Freight must be contained in approved netting that attaches to the inboard and outboard seat tracks. This solution has already been developed for a first generation E195 jet for Azul Cargo, in Brazil.

Cabin payload capacity for the ERJ145 is up to 1,750 lb (0.8 metric tonnes) and up to 5,194 lb (2.36 metric tonnes) for the E190-E2. For customers needing even more capacity, Embraer may offer a Service Bulletin for full cargo configurations, as has been done for the EMB 120. These layouts give operators the flexibility to carry larger floor-mounted freight items in the cabin.

SIA raises additional S$750 million from secured financing

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has successfully raised an additional S$750 million through long term loans secured on some of its Airbus A350-900 and Boeing 787-10 aircraft.

With the completion of these transactions, SIA has now raised a total of S$1.65 billion from secured financing since the start of financial year 2020/2021.

The total liquidity raised during the same period now stands at approximately S$11 billion. This comprises S$8.8 billion from SIA’s successful rights issue, S$1.65 billion from secured financing, and more than S$500 million from new committed lines of credit and a short-term unsecured loan from financial institutions.

Separately, all existing committed lines of credit that were due to mature during the course of 2020 have been renewed until 2021 or later. Together with the new committed lines of credit, this ensures continued access to more than S$2.1 billion in committed liquidity.

For the period up to July 2021, the Company also retains the option to raise up to S$6.2 billion in additional mandatory convertible bonds that would provide further liquidity if necessary.


GECAS names Alan Buckley Senior Vice President (SVP) and Regional Manager for Commercial, Europe and Canada

GECAS has appointed Alan Buckley to its senior executive team as Senior Vice President (SVP) and Regional Manager for Commercial, Europe & Canada. GECAS, a subsidiary of GE Capital, is the global leader in aviation finance and leasing.

Buckley has worked in the aviation industry for 18 years. Having begun his career with Shannon Aerospace as an Aeronautical engineer in 1997, he first joined GECAS in 2003 and has held a variety of senior positions in the company since then.

Prior to his new appointment, Buckley was SVP of Aircraft Trading at GECAS and before that was SVP in Asset Management. He also previously held the role Managing Director for Global Programs at GE Capital Equipment Finance in Dallas, Texas.

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