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FEATURES: Flight Deck Avionics
Editor Keith Mwanalushi examines the cockpit upgrade and maintenance sectors, the progression towards integrated avionics and the impact of COVID-19 on retrofit programmes, with insight from Thomas Global Systems, Collins Aerospace and Magnetic MRO.

FEATURES: Sitting at the crossroads
The Middle East is at the crossroads of aviation and as the COVID downturn continues to take hold we look closer at how MRO in the Middle East region is shaping up. Featured are the strategic moves at Joramco and Lufthansa Technik as well as analysis by aviation consultancy firms IBA and ICF.

News Analysis: Swiss-AS continues to expand with its AMOS software in Malaysia

News Analysis: The flying observatory SOFIA Boeing 747SP lands at Hamburg Airport for checks

In the hot seat…. Pavel Hales, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Czech Airlines Technics

Company Spotlight: Ascent Aviation Services

In addition, we have all the usual news on airframes, engines, components, IT, lessors, finance, facilities, industry people and much more.

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