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Monday, May 31st, 2021

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U.S. FAA confirms Boeing has suspended all deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner

The United States Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed that Boeing Co. has suspended all deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner until the agency receives all required data before confirming if the planemaker’s planned inspection method meets with federal requirements.

"Boeing still needs to show that its proposed inspection method would meet FAA’s federal safety regulations. The FAA is waiting for additional data from Boeing before determining whether the company’s solution meets safety regulations," the FAA said in a statement. "Since the FAA has not approved Boeing’s proposal, Boeing chose to temporarily stop deliveries to its customers."

It was only in March that Boeing resumed deliveries of the 787 after a five-month suspension while a number of problems, including those relating to the jet’s electrical wiring, were sorted. "We are working to provide the FAA with additional information concerning the analysis and documentation associated with the verification work on undelivered 787s," a Boeing spokesperson said in an emailed statement. "We continue to work closely with the FAA in a transparent and timely manner. There is no impact on the in-service fleet."

In September 2020 the FAA investigated manufacturing flaws in a number of 787 Dreamliners after eight were grounded by operators after the discovery of two distinct manufacturing issues. In March this year, the FAA confirmed it was taking "a number of corrective actions" to address multiple 787 production issues, including retaining authority to issue approval certificates for four specific aircraft.

Last week Boeing was hit with US$17 million in penalties for failing to obtain approval for sensors attached to 759 Boeing MAX jets as well as the  submission of 178 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for airworthiness certification when the aircraft potentially had non-conforming slat tracks installed, and improperly marked those slat tracks.


Jackson Square Aviation delivers three Airbus A320neo aircraft to Frontier Airlines

Jackson Square Aviation (JSA) has announced the completion of three Airbus A320neo aircraft deliveries to Frontier Airlines.

“We have a long-standing partnership with Frontier Airlines and are privileged to be able to support its fleet and financing needs with these latest technology and fuel efficient A320neo aircraft named “Hudson THE BOG TURTLE”, “Odell THE LYNX” and “Crystal THE FLORIDA MANATEE”,” said John Yanney, Head of Americas Marketing & OEM Relations. He added, “We look forward to continuing to support Frontier, one of our largest customers, with their fleet growth strategy and mission to Fly Greener in the years ahead.”

Rolls-Royce officially opens world’s largest indoor aerospace testbed

Rolls-Royce has officially opened Testbed 80, the world’s largest and smartest indoor aerospace testbed in Derby, U.K. The completion of the project is a major milestone after almost three years of construction and a £90 million investment. With an internal area of 7,500 m², making it larger than a Premiership football pitch, Testbed 80 was designed with distinctive technologies and systems which are more capable and complex than any of Roll-Royce's other testbeds. The testbed conducted its first run on a Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine at the test facility in Derby, U.K. earlier this year.

Testbed 80 will support all three pillars of the company's sustainability strategy. Firstly, continuing to improve the efficiency of the gas turbine. The facility has been designed to test a range of today’s engines, including the Trent XWB and the Trent 1000, but will also have the capability to test the UltraFan® demonstrator, the blueprint for Rolls-Royce's next generation of engines. UltraFan will be 25% more efficient than the first Trent engine, and the company will begin ground testing the demonstrator at the testbed in 2022.


Pratt & Whitney to expand full-flight data capability working with Teledyne Controls

Pratt & Whitney has signed an agreement with Teledyne Controls, a data delivery solutions provider that uses innovative technology to collect, manage and deliver aircraft data to more than 300 global airlines. This collaboration will enhance engine health management services offered to Pratt & Whitney powered aircraft, focused on Teledyne Control’s global customers.

Teledyne Control’s data delivery solutions will expand the channels of customer data access for Pratt & Whitney and enhance the services offered through EngineWise® solutions. As the OEM, Pratt & Whitney is committed to driving maximum engine reliability and performance through its portfolio of innovative, straight forward solutions and its world-class support network.

This agreement between Pratt & Whitney and Teledyne Controls is all about meeting customers’ evolving needs and enhancing service to keep their operations running smoothly. Leveraging the full flight data, Pratt & Whitney EngineWise Insights Plus provides greater insights and preventative maintenance recommendations that optimize performance, mitigate fleet disruptions, reduce customers’ operating costs and maximize time in the air.

San Francisco International Airport installs Honeywell's innovative SmartPath Ground-Based Augmentation System technology

Honeywell Aerospace has released that San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is installing its innovative SmartPath Ground-Based Augmentation System technology to speed up flight times for airlines, reduce airplane fuel usage, and lower noise levels in neighborhoods around the airport.

Honeywell SmartPath is the only globally certified solution for Ground-Based Augmentation Systems, or GBAS, that when adopted by airports can significantly reduce arrival delays and those annoying “circle around the airport” notifications passengers often get when airplane landings stack up. SFO joins Newark’s Liberty Airport and Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport as the third U.S. airport to install the technology, with another nine major airports around the world already enjoying its benefits.

SmartPath transmits digital data to the aircraft to aid in precision navigation and create more direct flight paths to and from airports. It can reduce flight times by optimizing the distance required to execute the approach and thus reduces the amount of fuel and emissions required to fly. In addition, because of the ability to have multiple precision approach paths with customizable glidepaths and accurate and repeatable flight tracks, it can reduce noise for residents along the approaches to SFO airport. It also reduces operating costs for airport operators, airlines and air navigation service providers. Because one GBAS station covers all runways at an airport, it allows pilots to make more efficient approaches and landings.


Copenhagen Flights Services renews partnership agreement with easyJet

Aviator Airport Alliance, a full-range provider of aviation services at 15 airports across the Nordics and a family member of Avia Solutions Group, has renewed a partnership agreement with easyJet airlines for ground handling services.

The contract was won through Aviator’s subsidiary Copenhagen Flights Services ApS (CFS). The company will provide easyJet airlines with full ground handling services, from check-in, to push back, to de-icing services, at Copenhagen Airport. CFS has been working with easyJet for over ten years already and the renewed contract extends the partnership for five more years.

Linus Olofsson, Station Manager at Copenhagen Flights Services, commented on the renewal: “During such turbulent times, strong and reliable partnerships are of utmost importance. We are glad that easyJet decided to continue working with us and chose Copenhagen Flights Services as their ground handling providers at Copenhagen Airport. We are sure that our flexible, quality services will meet every easyJet ground handling and de-icing need.”

Jet Aviation redelivers first VVIP-outfitted BBJ 737 MAX

Jet Aviation has redelivered the first-ever VVIP cabin interior completed on a BBJ 737-8 to an undisclosed customer. The completion was designed, crafted and engineered entirely at Jet Aviation’s completions center in Basel. It is the company’s third redelivery this year.

The redelivery of the first BBJ MAX aircraft draws on the full extent of Jet Aviation’s completion capabilities. The interior design was created by Jet Aviation’s design studio, in collaboration with the customer, to seamlessly integrate a bespoke cabin with state-of-the-art systems and technology.

The interior was crafted and installed on-site in Basel, and includes details such as woven wooden paneling, full flat cocoon seats finished in 3D wood veneer and an integrated wine fridge in the living area.

“We are delighted to redeliver this exceptionally beautiful and detailed aircraft,” says Matthew Woollaston, Jet Aviation’s vice president completion sales. “As we strive towards creating the ultimate customer experience, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible in VVIP completions. This interior is a fine example of the intricacy and attention to detail of our teams here in Basel. As our first BBJ 737 MAX, this was an exciting opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the next generation of this aircraft, and we look forward to applying that knowledge to future MAX projects.”

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