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Airbus unveils A321XLR at Paris Air Show – longest-range single-aisle jet airliner

Airbus, whose civil aviation base is at Blagnac, Toulouse, France, has chosen its ‘home’ airshow, the 53rd Paris Air Show, to launch its longest-range single-aisle airliner yet, the A321XLR. This is a long-range version of the already successful A321neo. “We can fly from north-eastern Asia into south Asia, from the Middle East to Bali or from Japan deep into Australia, and so on,” said Airbus chief salesman Christian Scherer. “It is therefore the lowest-risk investment for airlines on
these kinds of routes.”

Air Lease Corp is the first customer for the new jet, having ordered 27 of the jets as part of a 100-plane deal with Airbus. According to Reuters, Airbus could announce close to 200 orders for the new model at the airshow, with JetBlue Airways Corp and U.S.-based private equity firm Indigo Partners among the buyers.

The A321XLR will have a range of up to 4,700 nautical miles, which is approximately 15 percent more than the A321LR, and it will now enter the market sector previously tied up by wide-body jets.
As a more fuel-efficient aircraft, its arrival comes at a time where carriers are looking to maximize flexibility of single-aisle passenger jets.

GE Aviation signs multiple new contracts at Paris Air Show

Envoy Air expanded its TrueChoiceTM service agreement with GE Aviation to cover its entire fleet of CF34-8E engines that power the 84 Embraer E175 aircraft that are currently operating and on order. The TrueChoice agreement covers the maintenance, repair and overhaul of the engines. The total contract is valued at more than $1 billion over the life of the agreement.

S7 Airlines and GE have announced the signing of a seven-year TrueChoiceTM Flight Hour service agreement to cover the airline's fleet of CF34-8E engines that power its 17 Embraer E170 aircraft. The TrueChoice Flight Hour agreement covers the maintenance, repair and overhaul of the engines and is valued at more than $85 million over the life of the agreement.

GE Aviation has teamed up with Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) as their partner in an EFB flight safety project implementing Flight Pulse™ amongst their pilot community. The project aim is to evaluate its effect on further improving the pilot's performance. While using data and technology, the project aims to further improve the performance of an airline pilot. The pilots will benefit from having direct access to their performance data through a mobile app. SWISS is supporting academic research in this area to better understand technical, operational, human factors and information that will lead to improved pilot performance. SWISS expects that FlightPulse is a key enabler in this effort.


Pratt & Whitney signs new engine and maintenance contracts

VivaAerobus has selected the Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engine to power the airline’s firm order of 41 Airbus A321neo aircraft. This order represents 25 new aircraft and 16 aircraft converted from their 2013 firm order, bringing the total fleet to 65 A320neo family aircraft powered by GTF engines. Pratt & Whitney will also provide VivaAerobus with engine maintenance through a new 12-year EngineWise® Comprehensive service agreement.

SMBC Aviation Capital has chosen Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines to power an additional 20 A320neo family aircraft with options, bringing the leasing company's total to 50 firm GTF-powered A320neo family aircraft. SMBC Aviation Capital currently manages 65 aircraft powered by GTF and V2500 engines. The additional aircraft are expected to be delivered by 2025.

Aviation Capital Group (ACG) has selected Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines to power an additional 10 firm order and 10 option A320neo family aircraft, bringing the leasing company's total to 30 firm GTF-powered A320neo and A321neo aircraft. ACG currently owns or manages 75 aircraft powered by GTF, V2500 and PW2000 engines. These 10 firm GTF-powered aircraft are expected to be delivered by 2023.

Hanwha Aerospace Co., and Pratt & Whitney have signed agreements making Hanwha eligible as a repair source for parts and components on the GTF™ engine. Hanwha brings over 35 years of overhaul and repair experience and coating capabilities to Pratt & Whitney’s GTF aftermarket network. Hanwha has worked with Pratt & Whitney since 1985 and has been a risk and revenue sharing partner on all GTF engine programs since 2015.

Pratt & Whitney has signed a Fleet Management™ Program (FMP®) agreement with Mandarin Airlines for the ongoing maintenance of 18 PW127M engines that power the airline’s fleet of ATR72-600 aircraft. FMPs are flexible, high-value maintenance planning solutions that lower operating costs and simplify fleet operations management. Tailored to suit the unique requirements of fleet operators and airlines, P&W’s FMPs allow customers to focus on their core business and eliminate the overhead and logistical challenges of operating a maintenance facility.

Qantas and GE Aviation to develop new module for FlightPulse™

Qantas and GE Aviation have announced plans to develop a new module for FlightPulse™,
a digital application to improve safety and operational decision making for airline pilots.

This follows the launch of the FlightPulse™ app in 2017, a flight analytics tool which uses recorded aircraft data to enable pilots to securely access their individual operational efficiency metrics and trends after each flight, helping to reduce significant amounts of fuel as well as carbon emissions.

The new module will provide rich historical data for pilots to identify any safety-related or general traffic flow considerations, and help minimise fuel burn, at specific airports or runways. Pilots will be able to access the data before each flight to help with their decision making.

Theapp is currently in the design phase and GE has been working closely with Qantas pilots to understand their needs.


Lebanon flag carrier Middle East Airlines orders four A321XLRs

Lebanon flag carrier Middle East Airlines (MEA), has signed a firm order for four A321XLRs, making it the launch airline customer of Airbus latest evolution of the winning A321neo family.

The agreement takes Middle East Airlines’ cumulative single aisle orders with Airbus to 15 A321neo family aircraft, including 11 A321neos and 4 A321XLRs with deliveries starting in 2020. MEA will use the A321XLR to strengthen its network in Africa and Asia.

The A321XLR is the next evolutionary step from the A321LR which responds to market needs for even more range and payload, creating more value for the airlines. From 2023, it will deliver an unprecedented Xtra Long Range of up to 4,700nm – 15% more than the A321LR and with 30% lower fuel burn per seat compared with previous generation competitor aircraft. This will enable operators to open new world-wide routes such as India to Europe or China to Australia, as well as further extending the Family’s non-stop reach on direct transatlantic flights between continental Europe and the Americas. For passengers, the A321XLR’s new Airspace cabin will provide the best travel experience, while offering seats in all classes with the same high-comfort as on a long-haul wide-body, with the low costs of a single-aisle aircraft.

Boeing and IAG build on 777X order with services agreements

Boeing and International Airlines Group (IAG) have signed two agreements on the first day of the Paris Air Show, that will provide key services for IAG's British Airways, including parts for the airline's Airbus A320 family and its Boeing 777 fleet.

With the first agreement, Boeing will furnish British Airways with its Component Services Program where Boeing and its partners will own, manage, and maintain a global exchange inventory of parts for the airline's A320 and A320neo aircraft. This agreement - the first of its kind for Boeing – will open convenient access to parts for British Airways, which operates an extensive route network.

British Airways has also signed an agreement for three Landing Gear Exchanges for its 777 fleet. Through the program, operators receive an overhauled and certified landing gear from an exchange pool maintained by Boeing, with stocked components and supporting parts shipping within
24 hours.


MTU Aero Engines takes stake in new Silent Air Taxi hybrid-electric small aircraft

Hybrid, safe and practically noiseless: These are the attributes of an innovative small aircraft, dubbed Silent Air Taxi, e.SAT GmbH, a company based in Aachen, Germany, plans to bring to the market.

The new air taxi, which is capable of carrying five passengers, was presented to the public for the first time last week. On June 17, the project has reached the next milestone: On the first day of this year’s International Paris Air Show, e.SAT GmbH and MTU Aero Engines signed a letter of intent (LoI). The parties agreed that the German engine manufacturer will take a stake in the development and production of the unique hybrid-electric powertrain for the new aircraft and acquire shares in the recently founded company in the amount of €10 million.

“The Silent Air Taxi is a very ambitious endeavor and a promising concept for the future. The prospects are good for the project to become a reality,” said MTU’s Chief Operating Officer Lars Wagner. “It perfectly fits into our technology initiative on alternative propulsion systems.
This is why we not only contribute our expertise but also take a financial stake in the company.“ Responsibility for the development of the hybrid-electric powerplant rests with e.SAT Powertrain GmbH, a subsidiary of e.SAT GmbH.

CFM International news from the Paris Air Show

Peach Aviation and CFM International have signed an agreement for the purchase of 20 LEAP-1A engines to power the airline’s new fleet of Airbus A320neo family aircraft. The agreement is valued at US$294 million U.S. at list price; the aircraft were ordered in 2016. Peach has been a CFM customer since the airline launched commercial service with CFM56-5B-powered Airbus A320ceo aircraft in 2012. Today, the airline operates a fleet of 26 CFM-powered aircraft.

Zhejiang Loong Air has signed a 12-year Rate-Per-Flight-Hour Agreement with CFM International for 40 LEAP-1A engines powering the airline’s fleet of leased Airbus A320neo/A321neo aircraft. The agreement is valued at $800 million U.S. at list price. RPFH agreements are part of CFM’s portfolio of flexible aftermarket support offerings. Under the terms of the agreement, CFM Services guarantees maintenance costs for the airlines LEAP-1A engines on a dollar per engine flight hour basis.


ICBC Aviation Leasing and GA Telesis to form mid-life aircraft leasing alliance

ICBC Aviation Leasing and GA Telesis have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the Paris Air Show to agree on building a marketing alliance in assisting airlines in their fleet renewal activities by trading out of mature or end of life aircraft and in providing spare engine financing and leasing solutions.

“As a world-leading commercial aircraft leasing company, with the strong backing of ICBC Bank,
ICBC Aviation has experienced significant growth in terms of fleet size, customer base, and
global branding. ICBC has successfully become a major aircraft leasing player in the world, and
through this alliance and MOU, we will provide airlines with comprehensive fleet renewal
solutions while further strengthening the relationship and scope with ICBC Aviation,”
commented Abdol Moabery, President & CEO of GA Telesis.

Air Lease Corporation signs LoI for 100 Airbus aircraft

Los Angeles-based aircraft leasing company, Air Lease Corporation (ALC), has signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) for 100 Airbus aircraft, including for the first time 50 A220-300s and 27 A321XLRs. The agreement also includes an incremental order for an additional 23 A321neos.

Founded in 2010, this latest order takes ALC’s cumulative orders to 387 Airbus aircraft, making it Airbus’ third largest lessor customer.

The A220 is the only aircraft purpose built for the 100-150 seat market; it delivers unprecedented fuel efficiency and widebody passenger comfort in a single-aisle aircraft. The A220 brings together state-of-the-art aerodynamics, advanced materials and Pratt & Whitney’s latest-generation PW1500G geared turbofan engines to offer at least 20% lower fuel burn per seat compared to previous generation aircraft. The A220 offers the performance of larger single-aisle aircraft.

With an order book of 536 aircraft at the end of May 2019, the A220 has all the credentials to win the lion’s share of the 100- to 150-seat aircraft market estimated to represent at least 7,000 aircraft over the next 20 years.


Saft to equip MA700 turboprop regional aircraft

Saft will provide two ULM batteries per aircraft for AVIC MA700 advanced turboprop regional aircraft. AVIC XAC Commercial Aircraft Co., a subsidury of AVIC, manufactures the MA700: an 80-seat level turboprop plane designed for short and medium-route travel.

Designed for high performance at elevated temperature and altitude, the MA700 is expected to embark on its maiden flight in 2020. Saft’s products will form an integral part of this project, building on its existing work as a provider of batteries for AVIC MA60 and MA600 programs as well as COMAC’s ARJ21 and C919 jetliners.

The ULMbatteries provide safe and reliable power to start the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) as well as emergency backup for critical systems. The ULM battery technology was selected as it offers the ideal combination of high performance, low weight and ultra-low maintenance requirements that enable significant reductions in the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the battery.

Saft’s ULM batteries are designed, manufactured and assembled in Bordeaux (France).

Boeing to expand investment in Brazil’s sustainable aviation fuel industry

Boeing will invest US$1 million in Brazil’s efforts to establish a sustainable aviation fuel industry. The investment will focus on initiatives that maximize social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities engaged in the development of feedstock that can be used to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). In 2018, the company provided an additional US$1 million to the industry’s efforts in Brazil.

Boeing will collaborate with long-time partners World Wide Fund for Nature and the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) to identify small communities of farmers in Brazil with the most promising potential to provide biomass for SAF production. The producers will then be certified using sustainability indicators that drive social benefits such as income generation, solid labor practices and food security. Groups of small farmers that produce sugarcane and macaúba oil in
southeast Brazil have already been certified by RSB in recent years, with Boeing’s financial support.

In 2013, both WWF and RSB were stakeholders in the development of Flightpath to Aviation. This detailed report, led by Boeing, Embraer and the Sao Paulo State Research Foundation (FAPESP), outlined the unique opportunities and challenges of creating a cost-effective, bio-derived, and sustainable jet-fuel production and distribution industry in Brazil.

Indigo places US$20 billion Leap engine order

IndiGo has ordered CFM International LEAP-1A engines to power 280 Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft. The contract, which includes spare engines and an overhaul support agreement, is valued at more than US$20 billion U.S. at list price. To support its new LEAP-1A fleet, IndiGo also signed a long-term Service Agreement.

IndiGo has been a CFM customer since 2016 and currently operates a fleet of 17 A320ceo aircraft powered by CFM56-5B engines as part of a total fleet of 215 A320/A321 family aircraft. Delivery of the first LEAP-1A-powered A320neo is scheduled in 2020.

GECAS and David Neeleman sign LoI for nine A220-300 aircraft

GECAS and David Neeleman’s new airline, codenamed ‘Moxy’, have agreed to a Letter of Intent for the purchase and leaseback of nine A220-300 aircraft with deliveries scheduled in 2021 and 2022.

Neeleman, a veteran airline entrepreneur, is the founder of both JetBlue and Azul Brazilian Airlines, and the controlling investor in the consortium which has turned around the fortunes of TAP Air Portugal. Neeleman’s latest startup airline will be based in the United States and will focus on getting travelers where they want to go, quickly, conveniently and inexpensively.

In a shift away from crowded major metropolitan airports to nearby secondary airports and providing direct flights that bypass the hubs aboard the industry’s newest and most efficient single-aisle aircraft, the airline will drive time and cost efficiencies for its passengers.

Embraer and Azul sign Pool Program agreement

Embraer and Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras, S.A. have signed a long-term Flight Hour Pool Program agreement to provide repairable component support for the carrier’s brand new fleet of Embraer E195-E2 jets, the second generation of the E-Jets family.

Azul, which placed a total order of 51 E195-E2, is the global launch customer for the new aircraft and will receive the first delivery during the second half of this year. The multiyear Flight Hour Pool Program agreement includes material services engineering and advanced component exchanges from Embraer spare parts facilities in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Azul joined the Embraer Pool Program in 2008, when it began operating its first generation of E-Jets, and more recently, the Repair Management Program. With the new Flight Hour Pool
Program agreement, the airline will now have coverage for its entire Embraer fleet.

United Airlines orders up to 39 Embraer E175s

Embraer has signed a contract with United Airlines for up to 39 E175s at the 53rd International Paris Air Show. The order comprises 20 firm aircraft and 19 options in a 70-seat configuration. The order has a value of US$1.9 billion, based on Embraer’s current list prices, with all options being exercised.

The firm order will be included on Embraer’s 2019 second-quarter backlog. Deliveries are expected to begin in the second quarter of 2020. These aircraft will replace older 70-seat aircraft currently operated by United’s regional partners.

GE Aviation and Avation Plc sign Asset Transfer System agreement for leasing market

GE Aviation and Avation PLC have signed an agreement to provide the AirVault Asset Transfer System across the lessor's fleet of ATR72 turboprops, A220-300, A320 and A321 narrow-body jets, Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330-300 twin-aisle airplanes. The implementation is starting in June, with anticipated completion this year.

By providing the expertise to digitally manage mission-critical records across Avation's fleet, we're strengthening the focus on asset lifecycle management and aircraft transition optimization for the
aviation industry," said Gib Bosworth, global lessor director for GE Aviation.

The combination of GE's domain expertise in flight analytics and engine diagnostics to bring disparate data together and the digital leased asset transfer system capability will further enable web-based fleet maintenance across the aviation leasing market.

The Asset Transfer System is a collaborative tool that streamlines and simplifies the way that leased asset documentation is managed between airlines and lessors by allowing operators to organize records in accordance with industry standard. The system enhances the efficiency of lease
returns several ways by helping operators harmonize and standardize files, perform collaborative document reviews with their lessor partners, and transfer files through an intuitive digital user interface which includes SPEC 2500

Airbus and AirAsia unveil first A330neo for AirAsia Group

Airbus and AirAsia have unveiled the first A330neo for the AirAsia Group at the Paris Air Show.

The aircraft will be delivered via lessor Avolon in the coming weeks for operation by AirAsia’s long-haul affiliate, AirAsia X Thailand. With capability to reach Europe non-stop from South-East Asia, the A330neo’s increased range and enhanced economics will bring a step-change in fuel efficiency for AirAsia’s long haul operations.

During the event, media and other guests visited the new cabin for the first time. The Thai AirAsia X A330-900 features 377 seats in a two-class configuration, comprising 12 business class and 365 economy class seats.

The aircraft unveiled will be on the Airbus static display at Le Bourget from Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 June and will be open to media for daily visits between 9am and 10am.

AirAsia X currently operates 36 A330-300 aircraft. The airline is the largest customer for the A330neo with 66 on order. In addition, the airline will acquire two aircraft on lease from Avolon this year.

Revima appoints new board members and senior advisors

Independent APU and Landing Gear MRO Revima, has appointed three board members and senior advisors, with the aim of accompanying the company’s success and development going forward.

Following the acquisition of a majority stake in Revima by Ardian, a leading private investment firm, the Board has appointed industry veteran leaders David Hess, Marc McGowan and Franck Terner as board members and senior advisors.

David P. Hess has served in numerous senior executive leadership roles over his career. Most recently, he served as the interim CEO for Arconic Corporation, and in numerous leadership roles
throughout his 38-year career at United Technologies Corporation including as UTC Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer for Aerospace, as well as President of Pratt & Whitney and President of Hamilton Sundstrand, where he began his professional career in 1979.

Marc Mc Gowan recently served as President Business Aviation at StandardAero, and in several leadership roles at Honeywell during his 20 years of service, including VP Sales & Marketing at Honeywell Aerospace Aviation Aftermarket Services and VP Sales and Support for Honeywell
Aerospace – Business, Regional and General Aviation.

Franck Terner served in numerous senior executive leadership roles during his 36 year-career at Air France, including CEO of Air France, CEO of Air France KLM Engineering & Maintenance and CEO
of the French regional airline, subsidiary of Air France, Regional.

Guizhou Airlines takes delivery of first A320neo from GECAS

GECAS and Colorful Guizhou Airlines have agreed to a lease agreement for four A320neo aircraft from the lessor’s orderbook, with deliveries beginning in late 2019 and continuing into 2020. Headquartered in Guiyang, south west of China, this agreement marks the airline’s foray as a narrowbody operator.

With a present fleet of nine E190s and following a plan to grow their fleet to 25 aircraft by
2025, Colorful Guizhou Airlines will add greater capacity and range to meet the
growing demand.

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