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Farnborough Airshow: News, views and contracts from Farnborough

News Analysis: AviTrader MRO speaks to Michael Garcia, VP of Commercial at Kellstrom Aerospace about the trends in aircraft teardown demands as aviation climbs out of the pandemic.

FEATURES – Cabin Retrofits: Several airlines put cabin refurbishments on the backburner for the past few years and now the interiors market is looking to regain the 10-year period of uninterrupted growth before the pandemic hit.

FEATURES Engine Lease & Exchange: The aircraft engine market is now bouncing back, editor Keith Mwanalushi checks in with Ido Ben Cnaan, IAI’s Aviation Group’s BEDEK MRO division to see how the engine lease and exchange business is fairing.

In the hot seat…. Pär Gulle, Managing Director, Täby Air Maintenance (TAM)

Company Spotlight: Jetstream Aviation Capital

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