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Thursday, September 8th, 2022

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IATA reveals air cargo demand back to near pre-pandemic levels for July

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released figures for global air cargo demand for July, indicating a return to near pre-pandemic levels. As a consequence, the figures provided are predominantly a year-on-year comparison as opposed to previous comparisons with the 2019 period.

Demand continued to track at near pre-pandemic levels in July (-3.5%), but below July 2021 performance (-9.7%) while global demand, measured in cargo tonne-kilometres (CTKs), fell 9.7% compared to July 2021 (-10.2% for international operations). Demand stood at -3.5% compared to July 2019. Capacity was 3.6% above July 2021 (+6.8% for international operations) but still 7.8% below July 2019 levels.

The Association also pointed out that new export orders decreased in all markets, except China which began a sharp upward trend in June. As several key cargo players were based in Russia and Ukraine, so the war between the two has negatively affected cargo capacity used to serve Europe.

Asia-Pacific airlines saw their air cargo volumes decrease by 9.0% in July 2022 compared to the same month in 2021, which was a significant decrease over the 2.1% decline in June. North American carriers posted a 5.7% decrease in cargo volumes in July 2022 compared to the same month in 2021. This was an improvement over the 13.5% decline in June. European carriers saw a 17% decrease in cargo volumes in July 2022 compared to the same month in 2021. This was the worst performance of all regions for the third month in a row and attributable to the war in Ukraine. Middle Eastern carriers experienced a 10.9% year-on-year decrease in cargo volumes in July 2022. Latin American carriers reported an increase of 9.2% in cargo volumes in July 2022 compared to July 2021. This was the strongest performance of all regions.


LHT signs five-year Total Component Support contract with Smartwings

Czech airline Smartwings and Lufthansa Technik (LHT) have signed a five-year comprehensive Total Component Support (TCS®) contract covering repair and overhaul of components for the airline's fleet of 30 Boeing 737NG aircraft. Support for the aircraft has already started.

With the TCS® agreement, Smartwings benefits from an individual supply concept that enables short and rapid transport paths. The new contract includes component MRO services and pool access as well as component delivery to selected international airports within Europe.

Lufthansa Technik already provides comprehensive engine services for Smartwings' CFM56-7B powered Boeing 737NG-fleet as well as TCS services for Smartwings' B737 MAX 8 aircraft.

Emirates chooses Thales' AVANT Up system for new A350 fleet

Emirates has selected the new Thales’ AVANT Up system for its incoming fleet of Airbus A350 aircraft, scheduled for delivery in 2024.

The airline’s investment of over US$350 million will see its 50-strong fleet of A350s equipped with next-generation inflight entertainment solutions that offer a memorable cinematic and personalised passenger experience.

Adel al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer said: “Emirates has always regarded inflight entertainment as an essential aspect of our onboard experience, and we were in fact the first airline to put personal screens onto every single seat onboard when that was far from the norm over 30 years ago. Today, Emirates ice remains unmatched in inflight entertainment content and experience, having won best-in-the-sky awards consecutively for the past 14 years. Our investment in next-generation Thales systems for our new A350 fleet will further our lead, enabling us to deliver even better experiences to our customers. Watch this space.”

The game-changing technology in Thales’ AVANT Up system features Optiq 4k QLED HDR displays - the only aircraft displays using Samsung’s QLED technology to immerse viewers in more than a billion colours. This rich display capability provides the perfect medium for Emirates’ unmatched ice inflight entertainment product which delivers over 5,000 channels of multi-language content including live TV, the latest box office movies, TV shows and music hits, and the world’s first inflight shopping channel, EmiratesRED.

The new system from Thales will also provide an enhanced ‘live’ television solution that offers a broader choice of live television and news in the highest available definition at 40,000 feet.


Advanced Air Mobility innovator PAL-V International opens UK home at London Oxford Airport with its Liberty ‘car that flies.’

PAL-V International B.V. of the Netherlands, creator of the PAL-V Liberty car which flies as a gyrocopter with rotors which unfold from its roof, has taken up tenancy at London Oxford Airport. Headed by Sales Director Andy Wall, the Oxford office is also home to the UK’s first ‘fly drive’ simulator, bookable via appointment. Here, would-be purchasers can become familiar with the vehicle’s unique characteristics. 

PAL-V (which stands for Personal Air and Land Vehicle) is an early mover in the dynamic world of advanced air mobility. Led by Founder and CEO Robert Dingemanse and COO Mike van den Broek, PAL-V International first started collaborating with EASA over 10-years ago to help the agency determine certification standards for a car that turns into a light rotorcraft.  Here, it was able to draw on the expertise and experience of international management who honed their engineering skills at Fokker Aircraft, GKN, Bentley, Ferrari and Porsche.

Working closely with EASA, PAL-V has been extracting data analysis, flight and drive tests and test data. Recently, the business, which employs over 120 people, started compliance demos to obtain its type certificate under EASA’s CS-27 status. This will ultimately see the Liberty approved in 80% of the world market including the U.S.A.  Once this milestone has been reached it can start ramping up for customer deliveries. 

The PAL-V Liberty seats two people in a fully enclosed cockpit. It can transition between road and air transport modes inside six minutes with its rotors secured into the vehicle. In drive mode, the Liberty has been designed for a max speed of around 160 km/h and a max range of 1315 km. In flight mode max cruise speed is 180 km/h with max range of 400 to 500 km (equivalent to three hours with 30 mins’ reserve fuel). 


Embraer’s Malaysia report foresees potential for over 100 new routes within Malaysia and the region

In conjunction with its participation of the Selangor Aviation Show, Embraer released its Malaysia report which shows how regional jets can enable the opening of over 100 new routes within Malaysia and the region.

“As travel demand recovers, we see unique opportunities for Malaysia to enhance its connectivity domestically and regionally. However, it must also make business sense for airlines,” said Raul Villaron, Asia Pacific Vice-President for Embraer Commercial Aviation. “Airlines are facing tough challenges such as higher fuel prices and an increasingly competitive operating environment, making it imperative to right-size aircraft capacity to passengers.”

Embraer also identifies the need for 150 new aircraft under 150 seats over the next 20 years in Malaysia. Regional aircraft of this size will complement larger aircraft prevalent in the country and enhance the viability of establishing new routes or increasing the frequency of existing routes. This includes the boosting of direct connectivity within Peninsula Malaysia, as well as connectivity between cities in Peninsula Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak.

Regional jets like Embraer’s E-Jets E2 family of aircraft (the E190-E2 and E195-E2) possess ideal attributes that enable airlines to grow their route network, and to drive passenger traffic to its hubs. The E2 has up to 25% reduced trip cost than a new generation narrow-body aircraft commonly seen in Malaysia while maintaining seat cost parity, and this will improve the competitiveness of an airline.

Embraer’s E-Jets have been a prominent feature at major air hubs across the world. Airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways, Japan Airlines and all major US carriers have deployed the E-Jets to grow its routes and to feed traffic to its air hubs. Regional airlines across the globe, including Bamboo Airways in Vietnam also operate E-Jets to establish routes to and from secondary and tertiary cities. 


AMP Aero Services secures three-year consignment agreement from Air Arabia

Global Aftermarket material solutions provider AMP Aero has been awarded a three-year CFM56-5B and -7B engine material consignment agreement from Middle Eastern Air Arabia Airlines. AMP Aero finalised the agreement last month. 

A key factor in receiving this agreement was demonstrated performance with other Airbus A320 airline operators in the region.

“AMP Aero is growing and the demand for material from our customers continues to increase. This agreement will not only help Air Arabia return cash to their bottom-line but also help support our global customers,” said Ambalik Agar, Managing Member.  “

The Air Arabia fleet consists of 52 new Airbus A320’s and four A321neo long-range aircraft. 

Airbus and HeliDax sign first HCare Classics support contract to cover fleet of 36 H120s

French helicopter operator HeliDax and Airbus Helicopters have signed the first-ever HCare Classics support contract to optimise the availability of HeliDax’s H120 fleet. HCare Classics is Airbus’ new support package entirely dedicated to meeting the support needs of the company’s out-of-production legacy helicopters.

An H120 operator since 2008, HeliDax relies on its fleet of 36 H120s to provide basic and advanced training to the French and Belgian armed forces and the French Gendarmerie. Since the beginning of this partnership with the French government 14 years ago, HeliDax has maintained an availability level of 100% and has accumulated 246,000 hours of H120 flight time, training multiple generations of helicopter pilots. This translates to as many as 22,000 flight hours per year.

HeliDax’s fleet is the largest in-service H120 fleet in the world today. With eight years remaining in the pilot training programme contract, HeliDax selected HCare Classics to benefit from the OEM’s guaranteed support performance.


MRO Insider amplifies FBO network in Mexico

MRO Insider has announced the addition of 51 FBOs to the platforms’ latest price quoting feature, bringing the total number of FBOs to 68 since going live in 2022. Through the MRO Insider platform, Real Alpha Flight will deliver fuel, handling, permits, and other services to flight departments traveling in the region.

Andy Nixon, President of MRO Insider states, “Our team in Mexico has done a fantastic job of onboarding participating FBOs in the region,” adding, “the business leaders are energized by the fact they no longer have to give a per gallon kickback to contract fuel and other programs out there, instead they will pay us a flat fee, no matter how many services the customer requests.”

FBOs are visible on the MRO Insider live map, giving operators visibility to the services available in each region of the world, including the option to send requests directly to the FBO or provider of their choice. FBOs are notified through e-mail and mobile push notifications when operators are searching for fuel, hangar space, lavatory service, transportation and more within the app.

“To streamline alternatives for the operator, the app request pings all FBOs on our network within 100nm of the destination”, Nixon said “This allows FBOs to get in front of and possibly move the business to their ramp, driving competition between FBO chains with unlimited marketing resources,” adding, “It also gives the operator a road map to the best services for that particular trip.”

The FBO responds within the app directly to the operator. Pricing, customer reviews, and other pertinent details are included from the FBO. The average response time through the MRO Insider platform is less than ten minutes, which may include a quote or a message from the FBO.

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